Your prices need to be that much better, but not THAT much better.

Front End Developer
  admin   Jan 23, 2014   Blog, image   0 Comment

If you are reading this then you are interested in receiving advice on how to get started with your UX freelancing…yes? Well what i have learned as a fairly new UX freelancer is that my prices have to be competitive. We all want to make a living, and sometimes it’s difficult to objectively think of a price for your client. Whether you want to charge per hour or one flat fee for a project research must be done regarding the amount of time and work you will have to put into the project. Giving a client a rough estimate at the beginning of a project will often alleviate the nervous feeling they might be having. It’s like the feeling of terror when you call the electrician over to your house. You hope that he/she will play by the rules, but in the back of your head you are a little worried they might leave handing you a bill with a bunch of zeros at the end, telling you they’ll be back tomorrow to begin the rewiring you “need” throughout your entire home…sorry to the electricians out there.

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