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UI Developer

Should you get a .com or a

Getting a domain name for your business is a big deal and can become time consuming if you’re unsure where to even start.  So, should you get a .com or a, .uk, .nz or .co for that matter?  I’m going to outline my thoughts on this question and hopefully help you sort this question […]

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Interior Designer

How your photos are killing good User Experience

It’s true that Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world.  Hence why it’s often used online and in the representation of good user experience. On the odd occasion I have clients who want to use Stock photography (those found on iStock, Shutterstock, etc.) or even worse they want to ‘get some […]

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3 Must Have WordPress Plugins

WordPress is my digital baby.  It’s my favourite content management system (CMS) which is why I use it for almost 90% of my client websites.  Over the years I’ve come to realise there are certain plugins that you should ALWAYS have and others you should remove, especially if you’re not using them. Here they are: […]

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